Musick Fyne - Baroque Music from England & Scotland

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Produktinformationen "Musick Fyne - Baroque Music from England & Scotland"
Musick Fyne

Music from the Scottish Baroque
Come Love let's walk / Walking I chanc'd into shade / The Scottish Huntsuppe / Joy to the Person of my Love

Music from „The Scots Musical Museum“
The Banks o'Doon / Gilderoy / The Lowlands of Holland / The Braes of Ballandine / I'll never leave thee / The Carle he came o'er the Craft

James Oswald (1711-1769)
The Spring (The Crocus)

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
Strike the Viol / Chaconne / Why should Men quarrel?

Tunes in „The Beggar's Opera“
Lumps of Pudding / The Broom of Cowdenknows / The bonny grey-eyed Morn / Up in the Morning early / Thus Gamesters united / O the Pain' / If Love's a sweet Passion / When Young at the Bar / Lillibulero

Mary Enid Haines - Sopran
Alison Melville - Blockflöte & Barockflöte
Terry McKenna - Laute & Theorbe
Colin Savage - Blockflöte
Valerie Weeks - Cembalo
Jennifer Hugget - Gambe
Medium: CD
Anzahl Medien: 1
Komponist: Henry Purcell, James Oswald
Interpret: Alison Melville, Colin Savage, Jennifer Hugget, Mary Enid Haines, Terry McKenna, Valerie Weeks