A Gardin for Delights

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Englische Lautenlieder der Renaissance

Thomas Ford (ca.1580-1648)
There is a lady sweet and kind

Robert Jones (ca.1577-1615)
Love is a bable / There was a wyly ladde

Philip Rosseter (1568-1623)
When Laura smiles / What then is love but mourning?

Thomas Campain (1567-1620)
All looks be pale / Jacke and Jone / Thrice tosse these oakes ashes

John Bartlet (ca. 1600)
Of all the birds

Francis Pilkington (ca. 1565-1638)
Rest, sweet nymphs

Thomas Morley (1558-1603)
It was a lover and his lass / Thyrsis and Milla / Come, sorrow, come

John Dowland (1563-1625/26)
Unquiet thoughts / Can she excuse my wrongs ? / Love those beams / Wilt thou , unkind, thus reave me? / In darkness let me dwell / The lowest trees have tops

Ian Patridge - Tenor
Konrad Ragossnig - Laute
Medium: CD
Anzahl Medien: 1
Komponist: Francis Pilkington, John Bartlet, John Dowland, Philip Rosseter, Robert Jones, Thomas Campain, Thomas Ford, Thomas Morley
Interpret: Ian Patridge, Konrad Ragossnig