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Hein & Oss Cowboylieder (RBM 463 161)
Hein & Oss Cowboylieder
RBM (RBM 463 161)

Format: Audio CD (Number of Discs: 1)
Released: 2013
BayerMusicGroup Sales Rank: 499
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Hein & Oss Cowboylieder

A cowboy's life (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Don't fence me in (Text u. Musik: Cole Porter)
Buffalo girls (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Streets of Laredo (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Red River Valley (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Grand Canyon Line (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Sam Bass (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
The Old Chisholm Trail (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Wabash Cannon Ball (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
The last Round up (Text u. Musik: Billy Hill)
Jesse James (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Colorado Trail (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Pat works on the railway (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Home on the range (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
Sweet Betsy from Pike (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)
I'm goin' to leave (Trad./Bearb. Kröher/Marohl)

Hein & Oss
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